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Since our charter on June 28, 1923, the La Mesa Post 282 of The American Legion has been welcoming Veterans from all branches of our Armed Forces. Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community. Our mission is to implement the goals embodied in our preamble below.

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Visit us and you will find a very active establishment at reasonable prices. You will meet fellow Legionnaires and those of our Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion, and those members of VFW O.K. Ingram Ship 1774 and its Auxiliary, and members of AMVETS Post 1775 who all participate in the veterans and community programs mainly geared to the City of La Mesa.  Membership applications are available at the Post.

Not eligible to be a member or are someone who would like to contribute? Want to help the La Mesa community veterans? You may donate directly to us; American Legion Post #282, P.O. Box 265, La Mesa, CA 91944-0265. Or join our Post as a Sponsor (for details, click Sponsors tab on the left). Fully 100% of the monies raised are used for veterans’ issues. Your donations helps us to sponsor children’s scholarships, give aid and assistance to our local needy Veterans and their families, and otherwise help us to continue the financial support to worthy community programs and projects.

Post Telephone # (619) 469-6064


Important Message from Jack Porath, Commander

Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen:
What a pleasant surprise to find a much larger group at Monday night’s American Legion meeting!  There were some new faces and new energy exhibited which is needed in any organization, but it is especially refreshing when it involves OUR organization.  A few at the meeting have indicated a desire to serve in an officer position (elected and appointed) for the 2015-2016 year, and some of these are critical positions that require fill to continue on our path for excellence.  Your names have been logged for the potential slate of officers and which will be used for next month’s meeting for which we will be soliciting the nominations for the May election.  Hopefully, you will continue your interest.  Please note that since some of the positions are appointed positions, the appointment could occur at any time, earlier than the April nominations.   
We would like to continue in the City of La Mesa and some of our officers have been dedicating many long years and hours and they are ready for hand-off to someone else.  New officers should possess the necessary skills and ability; we can supply the knowledge.  Looking at the crystal ball, it appears that as of now we will have a need for someone to willingly serve as our Chaplain and/or our Service Officer (two separate positions that can be filled by the same person), Student Veterans Organization interface, and Executive Board.  Hopefully, someone with the desire to help others and who has some time on their hands will step up to the plate (If interested, call the Commander at 858.366.8630 or email: ).  Remember, we are willing to train and guide.      
As I have said for some time, our role is to prepare the organization and facility for the next generation and to give them solutions, not problems.  Through the efforts of our current Jr Vice Commander (Gary Mathews), we are soliciting grants so we can do the necessary repairs.  What with the economy the way it is, the taxes we must pay (for the facility and equipment therein that also includes the Vietnam Memorial), utilities, etc., it is difficult for us to pay for all of the needed upgrades and replacements without outside help.   
Using specific donations, we have completed the inside lighting enhancements and will soon tackle the outside lights for efficiency and effectiveness and which should help us save on our electrical costs.  We have completed the security system that enhances the capability, though we now need a 36” monitor.  The first major project on our list is the upstairs bathrooms so as to make them ADA compliant and aesthetically pleasing.  We are now soliciting bids.  
Have a thin-screen TV you would like to donate?  We need a 36” (to be used as a monitor for the security system and 55” (for the poolroom, replacing a dying TV that is hard to see).  Have a good vacuum you would like to donate?  Call us to see if we have a need before you give it to Goodwill.   Are you a plumber or electrician and would like to donate some of your time?  
Take care, and again:  Thank you for what you all do for OUR Post.  Everything that is done in a positive manner is very much appreciated.  It is an honor to be able to lead this Post. 
Jack Porath
American Legion Post 282
Cell: 858.366.8630

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50th Anniversary American Legion Issue - 1969

The 6-cent stamp marking the 50th anniversary of the American Legion was first placed on sale at Washington, DC, on March 15, 1969. The American Legion, an organization of veterans, was chartered by Congress in 1919.

Artist Robert Hallock of Newton, Connecticut, has adapted a portion of the national bird on the Great Seal of the United States for the design. The eagle clutches an olive branch, the heraldic symbol of peace.

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Taco Wednesday - 11am to 2pm
Wednesday - $5 Dinners & Karaoke @ 6 pm
Friday – $8 Dinner & Dancing @ 6pm
Saturday – $5 Lunch with Lenny, 11am to 3 pm
Saturday - Karaoke @ 6pm
Monday night football starting 8 Sept – Chili and Dogs, 5 pm

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